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LOGIC™ Sweet

LOGIC™ Sweet is a groundbreaking sweetening solution derived from sugar cane that combines sucrose and sucralose, a chlorinated form of sucrose approved in over 80 countries. Studies show sucralose to be safe, with FDA approval for use as a sweetener in various food categories. LOGIC™ Sweet uses a proprietary technology to mix sucralose in small amounts, enhanced by extracts of Indian lentil and okra, resulting in a product with a lower glycemic index.
Key components include the sucrose-sucralose combination with pea and okra extracts, which maintains sweetness while reducing sugar content. LOGIC™ Sweet replicates the sweetness, flavor, and texture of traditional sugar, with stability across different pH levels and temperatures. Health benefits include reduced sugar and calories, making it suitable for individuals with diabetes or those aiming to manage blood sugar levels. With its innovative approach, LOGIC™ Sweet offers a healthier alternative for health-conscious consumers.

What is LOGIC™ Sweet

Logic Sweet combines sucrose and sugar cane-derived sucralose, with our exclusive botanical blend. Our patented formulation offers a unique fusion of natural and artificial sweeteners, enhanced by carefully selected botanicals. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor in every serving of Logic Sweet.

LOGIC™ Sweet mirrors the properties of pure sugar with exceptional fidelity, presenting itself as a superior substitute for cane sugar in a myriad of culinary contexts. Its seamless integration ensures culinary excellence, preserving the desired taste, texture, and quality in all food applications, elevating standards with finesse.
  • Up to 99% sugar reduction
  • Cost saving
  • Heat stable/Acid stable
  • JAKIM halal certified
  • Permitted for use in over 100 countries
  • No sugar license required
  • Safe for all age and population groups/li>

Sucralose is derived from cane sugar and behaves just like sugar

Many applications of LOGIC™ Sweet

LOGIC™ Sweet A perfect sugar replicator

LOGIC™ Sweet An unbeatable combination

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